• Lonaysikhay: @KotajoeSA and it's also addiction tendencies... they are just too good!
  • Chomey_V: @KotajoeSA Shawarma Stays Winning!
  • Alexsithole: just had great service nd fresh food @KotajoeSA & chilli kota for lunch with @_zabane #EatLikeYouMeanIT
  • RoxaneViljoen: This weather calls for a COOKIES N CREAM SHAKE from @KotajoeSA tonight! Yes please!
  • stevenhaylock: Loadshedding,, at least there's Kota joe #screwthediet
  • ynalumansi: @KotajoeSA had the best party in my mouth this morning. I ate it like I meant it!! #superstyles #superdogs #kotajoeroadhouse
  • KevinPhirii: South Africa's best kept secret......Joe's @KotajoeSA #Loveit #Delicious #Delightful #Mmm
  • @capsteez: @KotajoeSA I was referring to being the biggest thing on world scale. Yall could represent South African cuisine on world scale
  • Rato_K : kota joe russian & chip roll would have the answers right now.
  • Lonaysikhay: Kota Joe is gonna be the death of me! Ama Kota wabo are addictive!
  • candicesa: Candy floss from @KotajoeSA yummy. Lunch was great too. @MasterChiefZAR
  • stevenhaylock: At kota joe yes please #screwthediet